There should be an image here!Schools have come a long way from being simple rooms where kids went to learn. These days, technology is playing more of a part in the educational process to the extent that even some teachers who were resistant to using modern technology are now beginning to see the value of it if used properly. When you’re using a social network, you might not automatically think about how useful that environment could be for teachers and students, but there really is value there. Schoology combines social networking with learning management to make a digital classroom possible.

These class profiles can be used by teachers to create a blog, upload assignments, and communicate with students. The service even offers the ability to create customized tests and quizzes that students can take online and have graded as soon as they’re finished. Teachers can see how their students are doing with their grades and attendance, and detailed analytics let them know how the network is being used. Students already feel familiar with online environments like this because of social networks like Facebook, so it’s important for teachers and schools to keep up with the times and use what’s relevant.

[Photo above by Crunchy Footsteps / CC BY-ND 2.0]