One of the reasons that I love the Internet, is because we are offered super secret news, that is posted on the blogosphere without regards for its truthfulness or not. In fact we have become so conditioned to being lied to by our government, corporations, and the crooks on Wall Street, what does it matter if a few more lies get thrown around?

I am not saying that what I am about to present is true or not. I am sure that you who read this are smart enough to decide the validity of the source. But, and that’s a big but, if it is true this could be a major development in the Google Chrome OS. Here is what is being said in an article over at The Register:

Exclusive Google’s Chrome OS — the operating system that moves all apps and data into a web browser — will provide remote access to “legacy PC applications” through a mystery process the company calls Chromoting, according to an email from a Google employee.

In a message posted by a third party to a public mailing list dedicated to the as-yet-unreleased Chrome OS, Google software engineer Gary Kačmarčík confirms the existence of Chromoting but gives few details. “We’re adding new capabilities all the time,” the email reads. “With this functionality (unofficially named ‘chromoting’), Chrome OS will not only be [a] great platform for running modern web apps, but will also enable you to access legacy PC applications right within the browser.”

Kačmarčík calls this an “official” statement.

Neither Google nor Gary Kačmarčík has responded to requests for comment. According to his LinkedIn profile, Kačmarčík is a former Microsoft software design engineer. He’s been at Google since 2006, and he works in the greater Seattle, Washington area, near Microsoft headquarters.

In the email, Kačmarčík says that Chromoting is “something like” Remote Desktop Connection, the Microsoft Windows service that gives you real-time access to distant PCs. Presumably, this means that Chrome OS will let you access applications running on your existing Windows, Linux, or Mac desktop. But in his email, Kačmarčík declined to elaborate.

Chrome OS is essentially Google’s Chrome web browser running atop a Goobuntu flavor of Linux. It will not run local applications other than the browser itself. All other apps will be accessed inside the browser, and this would now seem to include applications running on remote machines.

So there you have it. Super secret feature or scam?

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Source – The Register