One thing that seems to be a major question every time a gadget is released is how long you should charge your device for the first time. A couple of days ago I received my iPad and was a little unsure of what to do in terms of charging the battery. I did some research on Google, but was unsuccessful in finding a clear and decisive answer.

Once I unboxed my iPad, I placed it on the charger immediately, then I used it until the battery was completely depleted, after, I charged it back up to 100 percent. What I’m having trouble understanding, is if I should have charged it longer than the recommended time for the first charge.

I’ve recently heard that newer batteries really don’t need to be completely depleted, as they have no memory. Is this true? I’d be very grateful for a few of you guys to leave a comment and tell me how you think the iPad should be charged. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m pretty unfamiliar with battery technology, and I’d really appreciate the help. I’m sure your answers will help a whole bunch of other people as well.