My wife is considering changing over her cell service to Straight Talk. She has been looking at several of the phones that Straight Talk offers including the Samsung R451C. She likes the slide out QWERTY keyboard feature that she believes would make texting easier. Since neither of us have used Straight Talk service or this particular cell phone, I wanted to get the opinions of others before she took the plunge.

She also believes that buying the phone and Straight Talk package from Walmart is a better deal, since the package is on sale for $99.88 and includes a $30 phone card. My opinion is that if the phone is not what she wants, Walmart has a fairly liberal return policy and she would not have to deal with Straight Talk directly. From some of the forums about Straight Talk, there seems to be a lack of customer service.

This is the package that Walmart is offering for $99.88 which includes a $30 phone card.

If you have used the Samsung R451C cell phone, either with or without service from Straight Talk, I would appreciate your opinion.

Comments welcome.

Source – Walmart