Microsoft is getting ready to unveil its new controller-free games for the Xbox 360. The Project Natal titles will be unleashed at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. In a recent article it stated that:

Instead, the games will rely on a device the size of a stapler that perches on top of a living room TV to recognize faces, obey voice commands and track body movements. No more mashing 14 different buttons in endless labyrinthine sequences. No more buttons at all, in fact.

There will be about a dozen more Natal-licensed titles from other game developers unveiled Monday and Tuesday, but Microsoft has forbidden the publishers from uttering a word about them until after its own news conference Monday morning.

Which made me wonder how long before Nintendo and Sony would come out with their own controller free systems? One of the biggest advantages is that controller free systems would save on batteries and also accidents when the controllers go flying out of the user’s hands. In addition one would hope that controller-less systems would be cheaper.

Or am I hoping for way too much? LOL

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Source – L.A. Times

Source – Seattle Blog

PS Microsoft has changed the name of Project Natal to Kinect.