The programmers at Opera Labs are not letting the end-of-the-week slack time impede their progress on the latest revision of Opera, 10.60, as they seem to know that the war is on for hearts and minds and it has nothing to do with the changes at Mozilla.

No, the race is on between Opera and the various flavors of browser based on the Chromium code. Whether Chrome from Google, Safari from Apple, Iron from SRWare, or Dragon from Comodo, the level of complexity and functionality that can be added to the various flavors is what is attracting many people to the Chromium-based solutions, and the speed of these is only an added benefit, as there is not much speed difference between the top (or latest builds) of the various browsers. It depends on the leanings of the tester and the day of the build as to whether Opera or a Chromium-based flavor of the day as to the overall merits on a test run, so things are more in a state of flux than they have been in browser-land for quite some time.

This morning, a notice on TechConnect has let me know that a new revision is now available, and from the Developer Snapshot website Opera Labs lets us in on the changes from last week’s build 3409.

Over the weekend Opera Software’s Desktop Team has let loose yet another Opera 10.60 build which crushes a heap of bugs and includes the ability to show suggestions in the search field.

Available for Windows and Linux (a Mac OS release is coming up too), the Opera 10.60 snapshot includes the following:


– Store list of confirmed intranet servers in prefs instead of relying on typed history

– DSK-256795 (Add Opera Portal to “Subscribe to this feed using”)

– DSK-301250 (Mail account wizard isn’t using port 587 for Hotmail as specified in mailproviders.xml)

– DSK-300071 (UPnP crash)

– DSK-301526 (Tab cycling order wrong after closing tab opened in background or with activate the next tab enabled)

– DSK-290477 (More… in Widget Upgrade Wizard displays error page)

– DSK-286850 (Opera starts when launching Widget installer)

– DSK-301097 (Ctrl + Enter saves address to typed history even if in a private tab)

– DSK-242013 (Radio buttons cause crashes with accessibility software)

– DSK-300258 (Opera crashes on exit when a state button (Unite or Link) has been added and the appearance dialog is still open)

– DSK-290788 (It is possible to open multiple “Downloads” tabs when one is already open in another Opera window)

– DSK-283680 (Illegal URL when clicking to receive file over DCC (chat))

– DSK-300297 (Tweaking of O-menu padding, and issues with O-menu text and tab bar position)

– DSK-300254 (Panel order wrong after restart)

– DSK-299333 (DNS query fails when the response contains more than 24 addresses)

– DSK-300281 (‘More…’ button in ‘Why do I need to upgrade?’ in Widget Upgrade Wizard has no effect)

– DSK-298655 (New windows open slowly with a large global_history.dat)

– DSK-286272 (No usable interface when tab bar is set to “show only when needed”)

– DSK-301236 (Pressing Ctrl or Shift key combination on startup dialogs causes opera to crash)

– DSK-301307 (Crash when navigating back and forth with a limited cache size)

– DSK-301514 (Crash when UI animations disabled, hovering a tab, and closing Opera)

– DSK-300184 (Right-click > Validate does not work)

– DSK-300848 (Inline address completion disappears after typing www.x)

– DSK-276853 (Auto-completion sees and as different)

– DSK-300637 (Delay tooltip on tab bar when moving the cursor between thumbnails)

– DSK-276491 (Checkboxes have no focus indication when tabbed to)


– CORE-30452 (Google Docs spreadsheet scrolls to top when typing)

– CORE-30416 (400 Bad Request on The Register because empty cookie value doesn’t include “=”)

– CORE-30388 (HttpOnly cookies should not be accepted through NPAPI (BankID))

– CORE-29243 (Opera crashes when printing a page where the body has a background color and negative margins)

– CORE-22911 (Layouting a long word takes forever)

– CORE-11619 (Spatnav highlight does not respect overflow:hidden on parent element)

– CORE-28158 (Double clicking target _blank link opens home)

– CORE-22136 (Missing new-script event in case of scripts in HTML attributes)

– CORE-27601 (Port DOM attribute should return the empty string for the default port of the scheme)

– CORE-28277 (Focusing empty RTL text area cause caret to be shown to the left)

– CORE-26889 (widget.openURL does not work with data: URIs)

– CORE-24853 (Opera crashes on <feTile /> filter primitives with ‘SourceGraphic’ as implicit ‘in’)

– CORE-27520 (Multi-line selection of BiDi text in RTL textarea is broken)

– CORE-27513 (Cannot select the last character of cursive text (e.g. Persian) in textbox using mouse)

– CORE-27933 (Can’t scroll to the bottom when pasting large texts into text areas)

– CORE-27657 (RTL textbox forgets the caret state after clearing the first letter of the cursive text with backspace)

– CORE-27177 (Repaint problem when scrolling element that has border of another element positioned on top of it)

– CORE-27868 (MHTML crash)

– CORE-24952 (Downloading from HTTPS URL with port specified is very erratic)

– CORE-24771 (createDocument with XMLNS namespace and QName without a colon which isn’t “xmlns” crashes Opera)

– CORE-26347 (Crash on cache-full cleanup)

– CORE-27312 (Crash on calling JSON.parse with null reviver (Opera crashes when loading

– CORE-6187 (When both Basic and Digest authentication are support, Opera chooses first)

– CORE-25216 (Dragonfly crash)

– CORE-25984 (IPAPMincho discarded as a web font even though Windows think it’s ok)

– DSK-280923 (Feed article mixup)

– CORE-25449 (Encoding problem when STP/1 host replies to STP/0 request)

– CORE-26442 (Page search hits go missing when problematic search hit is visible)


– DSK-273213 (Not possible to install Voice plugin)

– DSK-277666 (Middle-click works for ‘middle-click’, not on ‘autoscroll’ action with mouse drivers)

– DSK-281398 (Logitech mouse tilt function for horizontal scrolling doesn’t work)

– DSK-300766 (Black tooltips for tabs when using Windows Native skin and “Show thumbnails when hovering tabs” is disabled)


– Java support on Unix

– DSK-239430 (Pressing Enter to select an item in a dropdown box submits a form)

I’ve experienced those crashes while looking around on Newegg, and though build 3409 was crashing, it always came back up with no lost information, so it was annoying, but not to the point of distraction or removal.

The changes seem to be causing some crashes, but I am not seeing the visual problems I was seeing during the 10.2 build process. As it stands, I use the builds as they are released, both to help with problem reports and because I really like to see the progress. The bugs are not as annoying as the various releases of Chrome, Dragon, or Iron; all of which are breaking one or more of the extensions I have become fond of on those browsers.

{While I think about it, I have been away from posting much because of personal problems, a move that was not easily accomplished, and other changes that have taken some of my exuberance for writing and left me more than a bit melancholy. I’ll get over it (including the loss of my FiOS connection, back to 3Mb DSL) and be up and at it again this week, with this as the first of many on the way back into my natural posting stride.

No doubt I’ll be posting some political stuff, as things in California are less than ideal, and the inability of the California electorate to see beyond the rhetoric of Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman is very disturbing. It truly reminds me of the old Genesis album titled “Selling England By The Pound”. California seems to be up for sale, and the price, while not cheap, is certainly undervalued.

More later}


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