Previously it had been reported that Acer would be one of the OEMs that would in fact be using the Google Chromium OS. Acer is well known for its unflattering opinion of Microsoft after Vista was unleashed on the masses. Just about two years ago I did an article in which Acer stated that Vista was the worst OS ever. [July 26, 2007 article is here] Also, HP had previously indicated that it was interested in the Chromium OS as well, but adding Dell to the list could be another feather in Google’s cap.

Here is the information that could support HP, Dell and Acer, supporting Google’s Chromium OS:

Officially, Google has only stated that Chrome OS devices will be arriving late this fall “from select partners.” So who might those partners include? If the files I spotted in the Chromium OS Git repository are any indication, Acer, Dell and HP are good bets. The overlay-x86 bits take care of configuring Chrome’s hardware support during the build process — so these would seem to indicate that Dell, Acer, and HP might be at the point where they’re building the OS for specific configs.

Apart from the conspicuous files, all three have already been connected to Chrome OS in some way. Dell engineers put together a customized build for their Mini 10V netbook shortly after Google opened the Chromium OS code. As Sebastian wrote recently, HP is tinkering with Cloud Print — which will feature prominently in Chrome OS. They’re also not averse to trying different things with their netbooks — like their heavily-customized Ubuntu remix.

As for Acer… Well, if anyone’s willing to try cramming a Chrome OS dual boot option onto a netbook, it’s Acer. They already tried an Android/Windows combo with the AOD250, but that didn’t turn out so well.

If these three big OEMs do in fact decide to use Google Chromium OS, this could be a giant shot in the arm for Google. Needless to say that Microsoft would not be overjoyed at the prospects. Microsoft has held the operating system lead for so many years that it will not look kindly on any outsiders giving it a run for its money.

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Source – Downbloadsquad