There should be an image here!Most of the time, I find Microsoft technology irritating. Typing this on Ubuntu, I think anyone who knows me realizes that in most instances, I prefer non-Microsoft products. Well, today Microsoft pulled a fast one on me and developed a great Web product: Office 2010 Web Apps.

Now I am still not a fan of the whole ribbon UI thing. It’s nothing Earth shattering, but I could do without. Despite this, I could not get over how much smoother looking and faster the MS Office Web Apps are over Google Docs. Running Chrome, on Ubuntu, I found that MS Office rocked along at speeds that I think might be a bit faster than Docs. But this may just be due to the connection at one time vs. another to the Internet.

Regardless, kudos to Microsoft for not only making this cross platform available to EVERYONE, but also making things easy to use… even with the ribbon UI. Good job to its dev team — I am impressed. Now I can utilize Docx when I need to without having to get creative.

[awsbullet:Office 2010 For Dummies]