Don’t Throw  Away Your Desktop & Laptop PCs  Just Yet

Smartphones, iPads, tablets, and netbooks may be the future of computing, but don’t get rid of your desktop and laptop computers just yet. Analysts are predicting that the old PC still has plenty of life left and won’t be fully replaced by the newer devices for years to come. Yes, these new devices will change the way we compute, but they still have limitations for most of us who use our computers for work. You know that four letter word, work? Though many use their computers as toys, those who use their computers to make a living still will rely on the standard computer.

In a recent article it stated that:

Tiny screens and cramped typing interfaces represent perhaps the biggest obstacles to no-holds-barred mobile computing, according to researchers. But labs have steadily developed new technologies that could someday eliminate the computer keyboard and mouse.

Computing devices also continue to grow ever more capable and shrink in size, especially as the much-heralded “cloud” helps absorb computing power that once resided within a clunky PC. Such advances are apparent in Google’s Nexus One smartphone, which packs about the same computing power as a laptop from 2005.

“From a computing power perspective, mobile devices are already there and data speeds are increasing rapidly,” said Anthony House, a spokesperson for Google.

Owning two or three devices will likely remain the norm for some time, said Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research.

“Unless you’re really strapped, you’re going to want a phone, you’re going to want a thin device to take with you to the library or on public transportation, and you’ll need a laptop or desktop,” Gottheil told TechNewsDaily.

The good news is that prices for smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktops will only continue to fall, Gottheil noted. That should help encourage ownership of many devices, rather than trying to get by with only a smartphone or iPad.

I have to agree with these assumptions. I still need my full sized laptop for blogging. Yet I do have a smaller netbook when I travel and also will be getting a smartphone soon. Owning multiple devices for now is going to be the rule rather than the exception.

What do you think? Do you need more than one device?

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Source-Christian Monitor