California may not be able to balance its budget, but the one thing the Golden State can do is try to be on the cutting edge for environmental issues. This time the state, along with some of the local cities, are tackling the problem of the waste associated with paper and plastic bags. In fact a recent survey of California families show that on average, a family uses about 600 bags per year. With this in mind, Walmart is trying an experiment at three stores located in Sacramento and Ukiah, CA. Instead of allowing customers to use the free bags, customers instead purchase reusable bags or can bring their own.

One recent article stated:

This past October, Walmart launched an experiment: three stores in Sacramento and Ukiah stopped selling single-use bags. Instead, the Walmart claims that each reusable bag offsets the use of 75 plastic bags — not bad for the price.

The Walmart ban has, of course, brought out passionate voices from both sides. Triple Pundit points us to this article from the Sacramento Bee that features commenters raging against the “environmental extremists” that are foisting these “lousy bags” upon an unsuspecting public.

Which brings up an interesting question. Should the ban on both paper and plastic bags be nationwide? Would you purchase a reusable bag or bring your own bags to the store?

I recall as a kid that it was common for people to bring their own sack bags when they shopped.Would this be inconvenient in today’s society where convenience is paramount?

Comments welcome.