There should be an image here!I thought this article on one writer who opted to return his iPad was interesting and worth exploring. What fascinated me about the piece was his reason for returning his iPad. The device delivered everything he could ever want. Media, Web, access, and more. It was all there. But something critical was slipping away — the writer’s free time.

This individual was finding that he was losing his time spent in other areas of his life, which were previously considered minor moments in time. The big takeaway here has nothing to do with the iPad. At least not from my perspective. No, it’s remembering to unplug and spend time with loved ones once in a while.

I spend most of my day on a computer because it’s what I do. But I will tell you one thing: when I am not working, I am not a huge computer user. It’s an unneeded distraction. One that I would rather replace with other life activities.

Now don’t misunderstand me — I love gadgets and technology. But there is something to be said about going for a walk, taking a tip-toe through the tulip fields when they’re in season, or perhaps taking a trip to someplace fun. Just something to consider for those who find themselves spending much of their non-work time in front of games, iPads, and other tech outside of the workplace. There’s a world out there.

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