There should be an image here!Exe File Information lists currently running processes to help identify memory hogs and malicious software and applications. This freeware’s straightforward interface displays a list of running processes, complete with process name, memory usage, thread, and application path.

Highlight a process and additional information is displayed at the lower part of the main window. You can click a link to find additional information about the process at, but many processes are not listed. Like Task Manager, this application can terminate a process with a single click, but it fails to warn users that termination may cause system instability. Unlike Task Manager, this utility quickly sorts processes by memory used, thread count, ID number, path, and alphabetically.

Although it lacks an extensive help file, we find it much easier to use than the Windows Task Manager. Any user comfortable using Task Manager will find this freeware much more beneficial and user-friendly.

[Discovered via CNET’s]

[1.12M] [Win98/Me/2k/XP/Vista/7] [FREE]

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