There should be an image here!Seems like Verizon is taking an interesting stance on allowing its subscribers to use P2P networks. It is saying that, unlike Comcast, it’d never block them. Now, obviously, this doesn’t mean a green light to software, movie, and video game piracy — rather, that folks such as myself who use P2P options like BitTorrent can download legitimate things like Linux distros without fear of being cut off.

Now this is not to say that every ISP that says no to throttling and other interference, both private and government based, is worth applauding. I will say this, however: it beats the heck out of having everything metered to death.

I think that Comcast, like many cable companies, has a lot of nice people working in its offices. But its service is not something that I will be seeking out any time in the near future. This is not because I am being unfair — rather, the fact that my own needs are not being addressed by Comcast and companies like Comcast means that I am a very satisfied Verizon FiOS subscriber. You couldn’t pay me to use cable again.

[Photo above by takomabibelot / CC BY-ND 2.0]