Internet Fraud Alerts is being sponsored by companies such as Microsoft and the FCC to provide consumers with information concerning the protection of their ID while online. In addition, other companies like the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance [NCFTA], Accuity, Citizens Bank, American Bankers Association [ABA], Anti-Philishing Working Group [APWG] and eBay/Paypal are also allied with the group. The purpose is to:

Internet Fraud Alert will bring together a wide assortment of stakeholders, including retailers, financial institutions, services providers, technology companies, academic researchers, consumer advocates and government agencies in the shared interest of reducing online fraud and protecting consumers. Through Internet Fraud Alert, the security community will be empowered to quickly and easily notify stakeholders so they are able to protect their customers and prevent potential financial losses. As the technology creator and sponsor, Microsoft is donating the tool to NCFTA, a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating public-private partnerships between industry, law enforcement, and academia on cyber-security issues. Accuity, the leading provider of global payment routing data, has donated a solution to assist NCFTA with the vetting of institutions.

On their website the organization provides useful links to assist consumers. Some of the links are:

To learn what you should do if your identity has been compromised, visit

For Internet safety information & security updates, go to:

To file a complaint with the authorities or learn about Internet crime prevention, visit:

Millions of consumers have their ID stolen or account information compromised. But it makes one think if this will be enough to stem what has turned into a worldwide ring of hackers and thieves.

Are we all doomed to eventually have our ID stolen?

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