There should be an image here!I was reading this piece today and it got me wondering what browsers of tomorrow will look like. Will we be looking at an entirely new way of surfing the Web? Perhaps, instead, we will simply be enjoying a new level of imaging and caching that provides an instant experience.

Instead of all of this, the focus is looking like it’s going to be more about desktop integration and a 3D UI instead. Seriously, I don’t want this. I do not want a 3D experience in my browser; I simply want the content as fast as possible.

I am also not a fan of bringing my browsing to the TV. Honestly, unless I have a reason to interact with a show specifically, I really prefer to keep the two separate. Well, perhaps Hulu Desktop is the exception in my household.

What say you? Looking forward to the future of Web browsing in your own neck of the woods? What functionality are you hoping to see from the browsers of tomorrow? Hit the comments; let’s hear about it.

[Photo above by x-ray delta one / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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