In what is turning out to be a lucrative way for AT&T to bilk its customers out of millions of dollars, its micro cell strategy, Microcell Femtocell service is now being questioned since it appears that consumers will be billed for accessing data through its broadband service that they already pay an ISP for. In essence, the scheme appears to benefit AT&T, and not the customer as AT&T claims.

In a recent article it stated that:

AT&T’s been making the rounds trying to give an explanation for why they made the decision to make their Microcell service an even worse value, but the explanations so far aren’t making sense.

“3G MicroCell is primarily intended to enhance the voice call quality experience in your home,” AT&T’s Seth Bloom tells us. “While it can carry mobile data traffic, that’s not the primary solution it provides,” he says. “Wi-Fi is the optimal solution for home mobile data use. We encourage people to take advantage of Wi-Fi capabilities – that’s why all of our smartphones include Wi-Fi radios, and usage on Wi-Fi doesn’t count against your mobile data usage bucket.”

Bloom goes on to insist that the Microcell “uses our core wireless network just like a call placed while driving down the highway uses the core wireless network.” “The only difference is how that data or call gets there – via a MicroCell connected to a wired broadband connection instead of a cell tower.”

But the real reason why AT&T is doing this could be financial. Even though AT&T has aligned itself with Apple and the iPhone, AT&T’s stock has plunged by an estimated 40%. In the same time frame Apple’s stock has flourished and has increased by an estimated 110%. It seems like the deal has benefited Apple, and AT&T is trying to recoup its losses any way it can. What AT&T is doing is detrimental to the consumer, IMO.

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Source – DSL Reports