Once upon a time the desktop PC was king. Both business and home users had little choice in what they bought and were basically stuck with buying a beige colored box. With a big bulky monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers plus a tangle of wires, the desktop PC was an unsightly mess. It also took up a huge amount of desktop real estate and exhausted heat like a furnace.  So should any of us be surprised when it is stated that the desktop PC is dead?

Here are 5 reason why the desktop PC is dying a slow death

Reason #1

The desktop PC just takes up too much space and is unsightly.

Reason #2

There was a time that laptops lacked the power of a desktop PC. The new breed of laptops can hold their own against a desktop.

Reason #3

Portability. With most homes now using Wi-Fi, a laptop, netbook, iPad — whatever — can be used in the back yard on a nice summer day.

Reason #4

Price. There was a time when a laptop cost as much as four times the cost of a desktop PC. Today, laptops cost the same or less than a desktop PC.

Reason #5

Sales. In 2008, desktop sales represented about 45% of the market. By 2015 that will drop to about 18%

I started dumping the desktop computer about six years ago. I was getting tired of having my home cluttered with a large payload of a desktop PC. In fact, there was a time in which I had 10 desktop PCs in my home when I taught private computer classes. But once we moved and I changed careers, I opted to go with laptops only and haven’t looked back.

What about you? Do you see a desktop PC in your future when it comes time to replace the box?

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