Yet again, people are arguing over phones. In fact, it’s become more of a pissing contest than anything. I’m really finding it disgusting how everyone is putting so much effort into arguing over phone capabilities. The facts are, it doesn’t matter what phone has the best feature. What does matter, however, is if the phone is making the customer that owns it happy. Everyone has their own opinion as to what features are best for them.

From what I see, both sides of the argument have been acting like fan boys. Sure, the video on the HTC EVO 4G got people thinking, but seriously, it wasn’t necessary for Chris to make a video using the its video camera to prove his point. Chris could have easily used another camcorder to record this video.

On the other hand, what the hell kind of comments are being written on Chris’s Youtube channel?

agreed.. i’d expect more from a gadget geek, such as chris crocker.. sorry, pirillo.. [4nonymou557]

Gosh, learn how to setup and shoot your HD videos with HTC EVO 4G phone that you play in only an hour! Why you bitching about it when you are reviewing iOS 4? You do realize that it is a smartphone and not camcorder! You should try doing video review of HTC EVO 4G with your iPhone and lets see if you would bitch about the quality, lol. [Mrdavidchen1122yt]

I think I’ve proven that this has all become an extremely immature argument. I expect more from such a highly educated and tech savvy group. Let the reviewers review and the companies improve. There’s no gain in defending what you buy. There is, however, a benefit to providing constructive ideas and methods to improving a product, but at the same time directing these thoughts towards the manufacturer, not each other. We all want the best product, so let’s get together and push for improved innovation and even better inventions.

Lets grow up people!!!