There should be an image here!It’s an interesting query as to why Chrome feels faster that Firefox. And perhaps the real question then is less about the browser being faster than Firefox and more about Chrome being more efficient, overall?

So it seems there is less emphasis on true speed of loading a page as there is how the page is loaded. Whatever is taking place here, one thing is very clear: Chrome is doing it better.

Worse are the differences on other platforms such as Linux. On Windows, the difference in performance isn’t all that terrible. But for Linux users, Firefox is terrible. And this is considering sizable resources — a rather poor implementation on Mozilla’s end of things.

What is truly sad is that it took an intern to call attention to what appears to be obvious. Worse is the lack of clear understanding as to how Mozilla is to answer this problem. Will it answer the call and make Firefox run more efficiently or, instead, continue to opt for second best?

[Photo above by Randy Zhang / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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