It would appear as if a few Apple customers received their iPhone 4 earlier than expected. A small group of customers have reported receiving their brand new device this morning, however, they’ve also reported that they haven’t been able to activate it.

One California attorney wrote on Twitter Tuesday that he received his iPhone. Gil Cabrera said he received a message that read “Your iPhone activation session has expired” upon attempting to activate the handset through iTunes.

“Don’t be so jealous,” he wrote in reply to another Twitter use. “Can’t activate the damn thing!”

This accidental early release of the new iPhone has proven that Apple hasn’t put a hold on shipment of the new device. So people who received their shipment notification stating that their iPhone will be arriving tomorrow will most likely have it arrive on their doorsteps within the next 24-36 hours. This seems rather strange of Apple, considering that they’re usually extremely secret about their product releases. Furthermore, I’ve never seen them send the iPhone a day earlier than the release date.