If you think by not buying your gas from a BP station you will hurt the company, you may wish to reconsider your actions. It seems that BP stations, which are privately owned, may be using gasoline from a different company. In fact, it may not even be known by the station owner — his employees, or anyone else, if in fact that tanker full of gas is the real BP stuff or not. It seems that after a truck tanker is filled with gasoline, the secret BP additives may be added. In a recent NY Times article it also stated that:

Meanwhile, if you pass by a BP station and burn some fossil fuels driving down the road to fill up elsewhere, you may end up at a retailer that gets all of its gasoline from BP. The retailer won’t tell you that though.And the people who work at the gas station probably don’t know either.

But it was the last part of the article and also one of the comments that hit my funny bone:

Boycotting is easy. That’s why so many people like to do it. Lowering demand for fuel, thereby delivering a true blow to big oil for those who are so inclined, is much harder. It requires sacrifice. Colder homes and offices. Driving more slowly. Buying a smaller car. Avoiding or delaying a move to the suburbs that necessitates more hours behind the wheel.

At least that’s how I see it. How about you?

Here was the comment:

I think if it were up to you, we’d all be living in huts and rubbing sticks together for fire.

Now you have to admit, that’s funny!

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Source – NY Times