No sooner does Twitter release a new ability to look up friends on Facebook, does Facebook block them. As of right now, the new Twitter app which allows you to find friends from Facebook on the microblogging site has apparently been blocked.

It is uncertain if this is intentional or one of Facebook’s filters that is in place to try to prevent attacks. Some sources say that Twitter is clueless as to the reason behind this matter and is trying to track down the reason to why Facebook has blocked their popular app.

Twitter and Facebook have a very fragile relationship. Back in 2008, Mark Zuckerberg and his team pushed to acquire Twitter but failed. Since then, Facebook has seemed to take on a resemblance to Twitter in some ways. But, more interesting is the way Facebook is underestimating the popularity of the Twitter app when it should be among the Top 40.

UPDATE: Facebook and Twitter have stated that the issue is on Facebook’s end and they are working to resolve it.