Word 2007 includes predefined watermarks that can be added to as a page background. The predefined watermarks include: Confidential, Sample, Do Not Copy, Draft, Urgent, and ASAP.

What if you need to add a watermark, other than one of the predefined ones? For example, you may want to add the word Final as a watermark so others know it is the final version. In Word 2007, as well as previous versions, you can create your own custom watermarks. The steps below describe how to create a custom watermark in Word 2007:

  1. Within your document, click the Page Layout tab.
  2. Click Watermark within the Page Background group.
  3. Click Custom Watermark and click Text Watermark.
  4. Within the Text field, type in the text you want to appear, such as FINAL.
  5. Click Apply and then click Close.
  6. Click the Insert tab.
  7. Within the Header & Footer group, click Header and then click Edit Header.
  8. Click the watermark so the text is selected.
  9. From the Insert tab, click Quick Parts within the Text group.
  10. Click Save selection to Quick Parts gallery.
  11. In the Create New Building Block dialog, type FINAL within the Name field. Set the Gallery to Watermarks. Set Category: as desired, and leave Options as Insert content only.

The word FINAL now appears within the watermark gallery.