There should be an image here!Are you busy? Do you feel like you never have enough time in your day to get to everything that you need and want to do? That may sound like the beginning of an infomercial, but I’m sure a lot of us would agree with those questions. I personally have had to deal with the consequences of having too much going on at once. If you’re a busy person, then you have to admit that you need help getting certain things done because you can’t add more hours to the day. TaskRabbit provides help by enabling you to outsource certain tasks to other people.

The service is only available in Boston and San Francisco right now, but if you live in one of those cities and need someone to handle local errands for you, then you’ll love this service. Once you post and price your task, the TaskRabbit Runners will respond and work out a deal to run to the grocery store for you, pick up your dry cleaning, etc. When the task has been completed, payment is made and you can rate the individual. I hope this service expands to more cities soon because people are only getting busier.

[Photo above by orcmid / CC BY-ND 2.0]