This is a new format I would like to call Dear Steve. These are actual emails that I send to [email protected]

This email I sent this morning in response to his answers about the issue with iPhone 4 that can be reproduced by cupping the iPhone 4 in a manner that seems… oh I don’t know… like the way we always have?!?!

9to5mac has a nice collection of Steve’s official responses to these concerns.

Also, this video has surfaced about holding the iPhone 4 “WRONG.” Very funny.

(Steve, clearly holding it the right way?!)


Yes, other phones ship with warnings and other phones have weird reception issues, but guess what? This is not just some other phone. My iPhone 3gs does not have this issue. My iPhone 3g did not have this issue. My original iPhone did not have this issue. Everyone I know holds the phone “LIKE THAT” in their left hand. You’re going to have to do better than that Steve. The AT&T network is already a mixed bag of you know what. Adding in this new reception “feature” is not going to help things. This is very mal. I hope you change your iTune. My people and I are not buying one until something is done.

The Modern Geek