As the owner of an iPhone 3G, I would be among the first to point out that the Apple-created phones are both awesome and troublesome. Luckily, despite some carrier related issues, I am generally happy. Well, not counting the frustration with the clumsy touchscreen typing anyway.

Now hearing about the fact that merely holding onto an iPhone 4 “incorrectly” creates connection issues blows my mind. Worse are reports that Apple’s official stance is to simply buy a case. Uh, no Apple. This is what we like to call poor design.

Luckily there are a few different ways of dealing with this. One option is to take the approach mentioned in this article. The obvious second option is using a case as Apple suggests. The third and, frankly, the method I am using: stick with what you already have. Seriously, if you own and are generally fine with your 3G or 3GS, why bother spending good money after bad?

[awsbullet:Full Body Skin for Apple iPhone 4]