When the founding fathers set up what it now the United States, they had thrown off the tyranny of an oppressive nation, and were not in any fashion ready to design another oppressive one to take its place. Freedom was more important to these people than anything else, and we might do well to remember that today.

The latest news, that the Senate has passed a bill which will allow the President to shut off the internet is not only preposterous, it shows that we have lost the idea that government is only supposed to be a part of a system to make our lives better, and not regulate us ad infinitum.

Also, before any Republicans chime in about the Democrats, let us all remember that “W” usurped more power than possibly any other president ever. (The cartoons regularly featuring him as King George weren’t far off.) His party wants as much control of our lives as any other, they simply want to obfuscate the issue, and make all think that they are more free than they actually are.

A notice from slashdot gives the warning –

“A Senate Committee approved a bill that would give the president an emergency ‘kill switch’ over the Internet, but added some restrictions to the bill. The president may no longer simply assert that the threat remains indefinitely, he must now seek Congressional approval after 120 days. Still, privacy advocates are concerned about the government’s ability to shut down private networks. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) ‘said she was disappointed to read reports that the bill gives the White House a “kill switch” for the Internet, an authority she says the president already has under a little-known clause in the Communications Act passed one month after the December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. … Collins [argued] the new bill actually circumscribes the president’s existing authority and puts controls on its use.'”

The above shows that more than one thing is wrong with the state of affairs in this nation right now. The first is that no one in their right mind should have even considered this type of bill – as there is not one time when the free flow of information could be a bad thing. The next is that, while no one has been doing any looking, there has been a huge pile up of legislation that is not needed, and should be repealed, as it is not of any use now, and perhaps never was. There should be a nationwide effort of clean up the laws we live by, removing any no longer affecting us, and seriously reconsidering any that now are shown to be ill advised. This should occur every twenty years, and should be at least as high a priority with legislators as making any new laws.

Law should be largely common sense, and when it deviates from common sense, it should become suspect, acquiring many eyes to make certain it is correct in intent and application.


Quote of the day:

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.

– Robert Orben