There’s A Lot of Stuff Going On in the World.

Unfortunately you’d never know it by watching Faux News.


I sat in stunned horror as my wife and I watched the news tonight.  To be more specific, Faux News, although I suspect it’s the same all over.

Right at the top, they stated that one of the local sports teams was considered to be the away team `because of the summit’.  And that, folks, was the end of any mention of the G20 summit happening in Canada.  Nothing to see here, people…. move along.


What really drove the point home was the multi-minute treatment given to a draft pick for a sports team.  People took the trouble to find out when he was coming to town and went there to welcome him.

There is nothing about the G20, finances, or the Bilderbergers; yet the Great Unwashed have plenty of time to welcome a new sports player and the news has plenty of time to cover it.


I have said it before and this country keeps proving me correct: we are a nation of morons.