Any time anyone tries to compare the speeds of different ISPs, one can be suspect of the results. But this morning I read an interesting article over at that seems to have done a fairly good job of testing speed as well as determining customer satisfaction. The general consensus among those who have used the service is that Verizon FIOS is the fastest broadband in the U.S., It seems that PCMag agreed and their survey also indicated that Verizon customers also gave the company a high rating.

But while the lucky few have access to Verizon FIOS, the remainder of us have to connect to the Internet via a cable connection or DSL. What is surprising about some cable companies is that they provide fairly close speeds to Verizon FIOS and AT&T fiber is no slouch either. Here is what PC World presented in a simple chart form:

In another chart they listed what services were being used by region for cable, DSL or FIOS:

The cable company I use for internet connection is a smaller regional company called Suddenlink. I would rate the speed as about average and the same with customer service. I downloaded Surf Speed2, which was the software used and my speed was 883Kbps. Like I said, average.

But what about you? Who are you with and how would you rate your ISP when it comes to speed and customer satisfaction?

Let us know.

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