There should be an image here!Have you ever had to work collaboratively with a group and offer feedback on a Web site? I’ve had to do this many times, and whether everyone is in the same room or not, simply talking about a site doesn’t always do the trick. Sometimes it’s helpful to write down some notes and get specific. The next time that you need to analyze a Web site with one or more people, give Bounce a try.

Once you enter a URL, a screenshot is taken of the site and the Bounce interface goes to work. Not only can you leave notes, but you can select specific parts of a Web site to leave notes on. The feedback can be saved and the Bounce URL is available to be shared with your group so that they can contribute. I like the tips that they offer about how to get and give good feedback. The name of the service might not automatically make you think about Web site feedback, but Bounce is useful for anyone who wants to discuss a Web site through text comments.