Gnomie Tomas James writes:

Hi Chris,

Not too sure if you’ve heard of this yet, but I thought it was worth filling you in regardless. Recently, an episodic program called Pioneer One has surfaced on the Internet. This is nothing remarkable, as you of all people know the Internet is possibly the best tool for ‘spreading the word.’ What makes this special, however, is it claims to be the world’s first ever made-for-torrent series. There’s only been a pilot episode so far, which is available to download (via a BitTorrent client) from here. Without spoiling what little of the plot has been revealed, it ties in nicely with your last video regarding the search for extra terrestrial life. It seemingly has no relation to its NASA namesake other than the space theme.

It’s worthwhile downloading the 30-minute pilot when you pry yourself away from your iPhone 4. I realise you use torrents at your own risk, but seeing as this is a developing show relying entirely on public funding, I would stake a claim that it’s virus free and harmless, so long as it’s downloaded from the above link (that being I do in no way endorse, however, the illegal use of torrents. This is entirely legal to download, in both the United States and my native Wales, United Kingdom.

I will try and spread the word at the Lockergnome community as soon as I can about this, however I’m currently sitting examinations for my University application in September, but I will devote more of my free time to spreading the word from now on. This could very well be a big breakthrough in the way we watch television. It could very well be the next Lost.

I would be grateful for your opinions. Not so much about the quality of the show itself, but the idea of a free to download television series. Would it kill cable television/digital sky subscriptions over time? Or would companies such as the BBC, who rely on a license fee (much similar to the donation method employed here, only it’s illegal to watch television in the UK without one!) turn to downloadable versions of their shows if this coined a gain in popularity? Personally, I don’t think it’ll be a great initial hit, partly due to the fact that funding could possibly be in short supply, but more so to the way it’s distributed. It will undoubtedly leak to torrent networks, which are unsecured places at the best of times, increasing security issues, even from respectable sources. A much more secure way to go about things would be perhaps to stream it via an embedded media player on the Web, though this brings about its own challenges.