It’s like one of those chains, where one person starts a story, and by the time it gets back to the person that originated the story, the entire meaning, if not every detail of the story has changed – or is it?

Today, MSN reports that Bloomberg reported that two unidentified, but ostensibly reliable sources stated that Verizon will get the iPhone in January 2011.

If it is to be believed, there will be a few people not doing a phone upgrade until January instead of their normal 2 year cycle time. Will you be one of them?


Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday that Verizon Wireless will begin selling the Apple iPhone next year — next January, in fact.

The business news service said that the iPhone’s long-awaited move to a second carrier was confirmed by two anonymous sources who were privy to the matter. Representatives from Apple or Verizon Wireless (or its parent company, Verizon Communications) were unable to confirm the report.

The fact that the iPhone’s second U.S. carrier would be Verizon is not a surprise — it’s the largest U.S. carrier based on subscriber numbers. Also, the fact that there would be a Verizon iPhone in 2011 seems likely, as it would coincide with the introduction of Verizon’s new faster 4G wireless network. (The iPhone’s sole current carrier, AT&T, said it will roll out a similar 4G network in 2011.)

The only thing surprising about the Bloomberg report is that it said Verizon’s iPhone would be “available to customers” in January. To be sure, January is a month when Apple likes to make news, but it’s rare for hardware companies or carriers to launch new products into the marketplace in January, when consumers are exhausted from the holiday spending season.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in January 2007 to much hullabaloo, but the first iPhone wasn’t sold until the end of June.

I’m looking to get a new phone about that time, and, perhaps a smart phone is in the cards (by today’s standards, by phone is only bright, not smart!). The fact that the phone will be on a superior network will be great – or will it? I am thinking that if Verizon is not ready, the superior network may be quickly overtaxed, and that would be very sad indeed.

I am hoping that will not happen, yet I know it is a possibility, as there was some very bumpy and unsettling time during the original Verizon merger in 2000, when the disparate networks of GTE, Airtouch, and Bell Atlantic were being subsumed under the Verizon banner. All of those networks did not work quite the same, and in certain areas, the network was overloaded almost 24/7.

If a huge customer base moves to an iPhone too quickly, there may be the very same type of service problems. That would be bad for Verizon and Apple, so now is the time for the beefing up of all those Verizon cell towers…


A Cat's Life Happy times for Verizon users who want an iPhone, and want to keep  great service areas!