There is a video on YouTube right now, that has received over a million and a half views, made by an employee of Best Buy, which mocks the incredible stupidity of some consumers. What is sad about it is that not only is the cartoon completely on point, the poor guy that made it in no way mentions Best Buy, and frankly, if I had not been told, I would have probably never guessed that he was referring to Best Buy in this cartoon. I say poor guy because he is probably going to lose his job over it.

Anyone that has worked retail for more than a month has seen exactly this behavior, and I personally have seen it to almost this degree – you cannot imagine how brain dead some consumers are until you hear something like what is depicted here.

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Young Brian Maupin of Kansas City made a hilarious video on YouTube that over a million people viewed (check out the vid here). The only problem is that Brian also works at Best Buy, and Best Buy has no sense of humor. The videos in question poke a little fun at Apple and the iPhone. Best Buy feels the video disparages a product that it sells, as well as the electronics retailer itself. Heaven forbid your employees have opinions about gadgets that they express in their spare time. Brian is now suspended indefinitely and is probably on the way to unemployment.

The most popular video has a customer at “Phone Mart” insisting that the only phone he (or she, the cartoon is indistinct) wants is the iPhone. Even after being told the Evo 4G could print money and grant wishes, the customer still wanted the iPhone because it has “the Wi-Fis”. The weird thing here is that the videos say nothing about Best Buy, and Brian does not announce himself as a Best Buy employee. Indeed, the only connection Best Buy has to these videos is the one it has created for itself by perusing this. Maupin is taking the whole thing in stride saying, ” I see it all as a blessing in disguise. I’ve wanted to start my career in graphic design/animation for so long, I see this as my kick in the pants to go get it.”

Brian suspects Best Buy figured out who he was by digging through his other videos, which he removed at Best Buy’s request. He refused to remove the Evo vs iPhone video as it had nothing to do with Best Buy. We wish him the best in his future video endeavors, and shake our collective fist at Best Buy.

As someone who worked for Radio Shack, I saw exactly how much companies have absolutely no sense of humor over things like this (however, this was so cleverly done, there was no way that Best Buy knew they were being referred to directly as a result of the cartoon). There used to be a site called, and Radio Shack went to court to quash the site. For all practical purposes Radio Shack had the money and clout to see that the site was shut down, effectively eliminating the first amendment rights (and who knows what other of the first 10 amendments were given the kick) of many who frequented the site, even though most of what was entered was well known as being true, and the highest percentage of contributors were already no longer in the employ of the Shack.

I often wonder how much clout and money would be necessary to fight this sort of thing, for there are companies that get away with this, and much more, simply because they have deep pockets and the average employee or other defendant does not.

Please go follow the link and check out the video for a couple of reasons. One, showing solidarity for this young guy, and two, because the cartoon is absolutely hilarious (and if you don’t think so, it is because you bear more than a little resemblance to the iPhone customer).


Quote of the day:

Everyone rises to their level of incompetence.

– Laurence J. Peter

(while some simply float to the top like scum)