There should be an image here!Apparently in Finland, they’ve made access to broadband a right. On the surface, this sounds nice. But here in the States, is this something we also need? I tend to think not, as we live in a country that allows us the right to free press and to free assembly. Now to be ultimately fair, the Internet is pretty new.

So perhaps had something like it been around back when the U.S. was being founded, broadband would have been included as a right? Then again, it may have been redundant to rights we already have. I don’t know how that would have turned out for sure. I do bet, however, that our Paul Revere would have rocked Twitter and Facebook as a much more effective way to alert folks to the coming Red Coats.

I’m all for folks having the right to freedom and opportunity. But doesn’t the right to broadband seems as difficult to deliver as the right to food, water, and power? Not even getting into the politics or the right vs. wrong aspects of any such idea, the logistics seem unlikely in places like North America. Perhaps it’s just me? I think simply giving us here in the States the freedom to choose where we live, whether or not we wish to pay for Internet, is reasonable enough. Am I wrong? Hit the comments — reasonable feedback appreciated.

[Photo above by SignalPAD / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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