Finland has become the first nation in the world to give its citizens the legal right to broadband. This means that everyone citizen will be entitled to at least 1Mbps broadband speed, which will be increased to 100Mbps by the year 2015. In addition a recent article also stated that:

The Finnish deal means that from 1 July all telecommunications companies will be obliged to provide all residents with broadband lines that can run at a minimum 1Mbps speed.

But this is where it gets kind of funny:

It is believed up to 96% of the population are already online and that only about 4,000 homes still need connecting to comply with the law.

4,000 homes? Gee, we have 4,000 homes in some large neighborhoods here in the U.S. LOL

I’m not trying to make lite of what the Finnish people have accomplished. I know for a fact we will most likely never see such a law here in the U.S. The greed factor would prevent the government from even thinking about such a law.

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