Intel is giving up on developing WiMAX, but will still support the WiMAX technology. Intel has been a major player, up until now, to try and expand WiMAX technology. The company still believes that WiMAX 4G wireless technology is still the best way to deliver 4G performance to deliver data. Taiwan, where WiMAX is huge, will continue to develop WiMAX technology without the chip maker.

DigiTimes System has stated:

Most Taiwan-based WiMAX operators and CPE makers said they were surprised at Intel’s move but declined to comment before Intel makes an official announcement. However, they agreed with said industry watchers in saying that Intel should offer an explanation to the MOEA and other partners, otherwise the government may shift its focus to cooperate with ARM, AMD and other platform solution vendors for future development of IT products and technologies.

Intel said “[it] is integrating its WPO into various platform, product and sales organizations as part of a normal course of business today. The progress of WiMAX leads to this organizational transition as a normal process that takes place as new technologies mature and become a standard part of existing computing platforms.

Even though Intel says it will still support WiMAX, it would seem that after five years of development, the chip maker is pulling back their investment dollars. This could indicate that Intel doesn’t really believe that the costs of WiMAX may not be a financially sound investment.

I think some of us had hoped that Wi-MAX would one day provide a better cell phone experience, but I seriously doubt that this will happen.

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Source – DigiTimes Systems