I had the opportunity to contact customer service at Straight Talk for two issues I was having. I had read reviews and comments from other Straight Talk users, had nothing but complaints about the service they had received. So when I dialed ST for help, I braced myself for a hard time and possible non reconciliation of my problems.

The first issue I had was with a new ST cell phone I had bought for my wife. When I activated the ST cell phone for myself, I had no issues and the phone activated immediately. But I wasn’t able to activate my wife’s phone and contacted ST. They tried a number of things, but the bottom line was that their servers were overwhelmed and it could take 24 hours to get the phone activated. No problem.

So I brought up another problem to the agent concerning my ST phone. I had signed up for auto refill and some how I lost 3 weeks of talk time. Long story short, I hit the wrong button when I signed up and accidentally added more minutes to my phone. The support person was able to credit me with a full refund and correctly signed me up for auto refill. No muss, no fuss. I was impressed.

Thus far ST has been great.  Phone calls and text messaging are received and sent without issue. Browsing though is not so hot. It is sooooo slow that to me it is useless. But at $30 a month per phone, I still believe it is a deal.

Update: This morning I activated my wife’s phone and it now works.

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