There should be an image here!Whether you use Twitter or not, you’re probably familiar with the way in which content is shared on the service and what the stream of information looks like. In fact, it’s hard to not be familiar with Twitter given the prominent exposure it has received in the media. A lot of the communication on Twitter involves sharing links, but the way in which Twitter manages and displays these links isn’t necessarily the most effective. turns a Twitter stream into an online newspaper by organizing the links that are shared.

The format and thinking behind this is actually pretty interesting because more of us are turning to Twitter for news, so it makes sense for it to feel like a news experience. The service makes shared links more meaningful, and one of these newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list, or hashtag. This kind of thing makes the information on Twitter even more valuable, and it just goes to show how being in the print publishing business can be scary because your content is obsolete before it even gets out to the public.