In every workplace, you are bound to find negativity. Unfortunately, negativity can be infectious and one negative person can bring down others around them. In such situations, you can counteract the negativity by remaining a positive force with the following tips:

Do not contribute to the negativity

Avoid listening to or participating in negative conversations. You may not realize it, but just listening to conversations that are solely to criticize, complain or denigrate, can make you feel bad. If you want to remain a positive force, you need to avoid the negativity around you.

Set Your Boundaries

When people around you start to complain, gently point this out to them and shift the conversation. Soon enough, people will learn that you do not want to participate in negative conversations and they will stop.

Lead by Example

When you engage others in conversations, make sure they are constructive in nature. Constructive conversations leave people with a feeling of empowerment, thereby creating a more positive atmosphere.

Praise and Recognize the Contributions of Others

Take the time to praise and recognize the contributions and accomplishments of the people around you. A few words of recognition and praise do wonders for a person’s energy, even one with negative energy.

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