There should be an image here!I’m not entirely sure why Apple maintains the stance that Blu-ray is not needed on the Mac. Considering it could be used as a data backup tool, it seems fairly foolish not to provide it as an option. In both Linux and Windows, Nero allows for Blu-ray data writing. Yet Mac remains the only platform leaving this functionality on the sidelines — why?

Some might think it has to do with keeping costs down — licensing costs for Blu-ray playback among other possibilities. I happen to believe that the issue is actually Steve Jobs being dead set on Blu-ray being a dead technology. Seriously, he sees Mac users backing up to something Apple controlled or getting their video content from iTunes. Everything is done over Wi-Fi or the data cable — nothing via an optical drive.

I can understand this perspective, but I also think that Apple is limiting the Mac experience (again) by making choices for the end user. Let the end user choose to upgrade to this option or not. Is that really too much to ask?

[Photo above by Cha già José / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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