Five L.A. county supervisors are upset because the L.A. Times printed an extra edition that appears like a real newspaper article. But the story was actually an advertisement for the new 3D King Kong attraction at Universal Studios. The advertisement included headlines such as  “Dodger Stadium Heavily Battered” and also “Universal Studios Hollywood Partially Destroyed” as part of the publicity.

In one report it stated:

This is not the first time the Times has sold its front page to advertisers. In March, Disney paid $700,000 to promote “Alice In Wonderland” on the front page of the LAT Extra section.

Another report stated that:

All five elected supervisors signed a protest letter that calls on the Times to “stop selling its front pages to advertisers, especially in such an offensive and alarming manner. The cost of this distasteful practice to the people of Los Angeles County is far greater than any short-term gains by the Tribune Company.”

You have to laugh. When politicians have the time to criticize a business, you know they have way too much free time. Maybe they could spend more time on balancing their own budgets, or protesting Arizona for its immigration policies. LOL, idiots!

Newspapers are struggling to survive. They have to make money any way they can to stay afloat.

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Source – The Huffington Report

Source – L.A. Observed