I must say that when I found this site, I at first thought it might be a joke or even a scam of some sort. The U.S. Treasury Department has a Web site set up for anyone to make a donation to help reduce the national debt. The U.S. Treasury Department can take your donation either by a credit card or directly from your checking account.

On the site it states:

Welcome to the United States Treasury’s site for making donations to help reduce the public debt.  If you would like to make a donation, please fill in the required fields and click the Submit Data button when completed.

It further states:

Thank you for your contribution which will be deposited to the account “Gifts to Reduce the Public Debt.” Your contribution is accepted under the provisions of 31 U.S.C. 3113 which authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to accept conditional gifts to the United States for the purpose of reducing the public debt.  These donations are voluntary, and no goods, services, or other considerations are provided to the donors.

I was going to make a small donation, but I had trouble figuring out how many zeros there were in a trillion! LOL

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Source – U.S. Pay.gov site