When Fiat bought a stake in Chrysler Corporation, most everyone knew that it would only be a matter of time before Chrysler would be selling Fiat products. That time has come and some 200 Chrysler dealerships will take on the Fiat brand name and stat selling the Fiat 500. The dealerships will be a part of the Chrysler network but will have their own showrooms and sale people.

Here is a picture of a Fiat 500.

In a recent article over at the N.Y. Times it also stated:

Executives sent letters this week to all 2,320 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealers inviting them to apply for a Fiat franchise. Fewer than 10 percent will be selected, and the locations will be announced in September, Chrysler said.

“We want our best performing dealers to get these franchises,” Mr. Kisiel said, adding that Chrysler has focused on “markets that have a high number of small-car registrations.”

Interest in the 500 among Chrysler dealers has been high, and given the small number of outlets being selected, Mr. Merkle said he expected the company would receive more than enough bids, despite the requirements.

This should be an interesting experiment. The big question is this. Will American buy these pint sized cars?

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Source – N.Y. Times