There should be an image here!As I read this today I found myself shaking my head yet again. Twitter is now the fastest growing search engine. Seriously, who outside of extremely geeky people is using Twitter as a search engine? Tracking trends or events as they happen, sure, I’ll give you that. But good luck on a fact finding mission using Twitter, though.

I think that Twitter makes a very powerful communication tool. If used wisely, it’s a boon to any business, non-profit, or even as a tool to keep up with your friends. But to claim this is a search engine, despite the data to support it… is a bit difficult to swallow.

So as for this “Twitter is a great, growing search tool” bandwagon, sure, I’ll bite. And I hear bicycles are the new car replacement! Give me a break. Twitter, for search, is too limited. No checks and balances. It just doesn’t make any real sense.

[Photo above by Majento / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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