Lavasoft has made changes in its free anti-malware product which should make it much more enticing for many. The product, which has been a mainstay for many who were wanting to rid themselves of many major annoyances encountered during everyday use of the PC, now includes even more protection for the user with an anti-virus solution included, making it a truly complete solution.

The change is very nice because memory footprints should be less, with one program instead of two running and consuming resources, not to mention avoiding any sort of fighting between two programs over the status of a file on your machine.

The news comes from our friends at Instant Fundas

Lavasoft has released Ad-Aware Free Internet Security 8.3 that includes two major updates – antivirus support and a scheduler. The antivirus feature was introduced into the anti-malware program in 2008 but was available only to paying customers, until now.

The changes were announced last month in a blog post by the company.

Attention Ad-Aware users: we have news for you! We’re going to be rolling out two exciting new changes in the upcoming July Ad-Aware release –

  1. Anti-virus is soon to be included in Ad-Aware Free
  2. An all-new Ad-Aware product is on the way

That’s right – our freeware will expand to include anti-virus protection in addition to anti-spyware and anti-rootkit, AND we are going to introduce a new, full-featured product, called Ad-Aware Total Security, with everything but the kitchen sink!

Ad-Aware Free Internet Security includes a powerful real time malware and rootkit detection engine, heuristic scanner, Internet Explorer Guard, email scanner, support for external drive scanning (iPod, USB drives etc) and the new anti-virus scanner and the missing scheduler.

The website is yet to update to reflect these changes, but the installer is available for download from

So, as frequently happens, the program update shows up without any notice. This is another product that will make the life of the average Windows-using netizen easier, and should improve security for everyone, as fewer things should be retransmitted by errant PCs.

Once again there is another free solution to a major problem, and so, if you are unhappy with your current solution for some problem, give this a try.




Relative TruthsJust another reason to use something other than Windows… but Ad-Aware can make things easier if you so decide.