Some time ago I posted about a website called SkinIt, which allows you to choose designs for many of your electronic toys, including desktops, laptops, cell phones, etc.

I recently revisited the site and it has expanded the amount of devices it supports. Everything from Xbox game controllers to calculators to camcorders and even Bluetooth headsets can now have your own custom “skin.” The skins use technology that allows not only easy application but removal as well. Each skin is specifically designed and cut for the device you choose and you can choose from hundreds of premade designs. My favorite capability is being able to take your own pictures and make them into skins for your devices.

Want to decorate your car with your favorite sports team? No problem; SkinIt offers quality vinyl decals for that as well. Got a blank area on your wall that could really use a life-sized decal of your kids? You can do that, too!

Each skin comes with step by step instructions on how to apply and remove it.

Prices range from $14.99 to skin a calculator, all the way to $149.99 to deck out your R.V. with your favorite sports team symbols.

So pick out your favorite family photos, movie posters, and original designs and get to skinning!