There should be an image here!We all know that it can be very expensive to have kids. Not only do you have to pay for things like food and health care, but since kids are constantly growing, keeping up with their clothing needs is a very expensive process. The clothes that you bought for them a couple months ago may suddenly not fit anymore, and when that happens, it’s time for some new clothes. The question is, what do you do with the old clothes? Many parents sell or donate them, but thredUP enables you to exchange them.

You’re not the only mother or father who has old clothes from their kids that need to be disposed of, and this service connects you with other parents so that you can browse for clothing that they have and they can browse through boxes of clothing that you have. All you pay for these exchanges is shipping and handling, but if you pay for a Pro membership, you’ll have access to other features like being able to get more detailed information about the clothes that are in the box.