Updated 07-18-10

Since I tested 360Amigo on 07/10/2010, I had received comments stating that others had found the software useful and that my opinion was not valid. The last of these comments suggested I try the latest version of the software and run the test again. I downloaded 360Amigo version #  and installed it on a system running Windows XP SP3. The software did an excellent job cleaning the registry, finding 843 errors. This time when I re-ran the registry cleaner, the second scan found only 11 errors, which I fixed. The final scan found no registry errors.

I subsequently tried 360 Amigo on 3 other machines running Windows 7 Ultimate and it cleaned the registries perfectly. I therefore recommend 360Amigo and stand corrected.

Thanks to all of those who commented.


I saw a blurb over at ZDNet for a software called 360Amigo System Speedup which stated:

If you think your PC is slow, help is at hand. 360Amigo System Speedup is a new PC optimization and error repair utility that dramatically improves the performance of your PC. 360Amigo System Speedup includes a System Cleaner, a System Optimizer, and a wide range of System Tools designed exclusively to boost PC performance. Both beginners and experienced users will enjoy the available features and options and the simple application interface. With the click of a button all common computer errors can be fixed. How does it do this? In a nutshell, 360Amigo System Speedup offers a Registry Cleaner to detect and remove all bad entries from the PC, it optimizes Windows for faster start-up times and stops runaway Processes that may take up all of the processors’ cycles. It also includes a Junk Files Cleaner to remove unused files and traces of online activities, such as browser history, cookies, temporary files, logs, invalid links and many more. The best part is that it’s small (less than 3Mb), fast and furious (normally taking less than a minute to scan and fix).

First let me state my prejudices about any of these so called ‘speedup’ programs. I only use programs I trust like Clary Utilities which has a proven track record. I ran Glary Utilities which found 61 errors that I had the system repair. I ran CU again and no errors were detected.

Before trying 360Amigo System Speedup program I created a restore point, just in case something went wrong. I downloaded and installed 360Amigo System Speedup and decided to give the registry cleanup module a try.

Scan #1 stated that the registry of my computer had 1,481 errors. WOW! I am surprised my poor computer even started! LOL So I pressed the clean button and the program stated everything was clean. On the front screen of 360Amigo I now had a green light where before I had a red light.

So I ran another scan. This time I had 844 errors which I once again told the system to clean. Scan #3 came back with 843 errors. This is when I noticed that these additional scans were finding the same errors over and over, which were not being repaired. Scan #4 and #5 again were the same and the errors were not being repaired.

This made me skeptical of the program so I did a system restore.

I can not recommend that you use 360 Amigo System Speedup and would recommend Glary Utilities instead.

Source ZDNet