I’ve seen some really nice videos on YouTube. However, I have seen some really bad ones too – in terms of production and picture quality. Many times I have begun watching a video from the Google site and it will start glitching due to network conditions, and there is nothing that can be done about it. This happened in my last place of residence where I had FiOS at 15down/5up, and it happens all the time where I am now with 3 Mb DSL.

Now, I know that many people are now getting FiOS in the large population centers, and also areas near them. I also know that many areas in the United States have low speed DSL or really funky cable service (and I have seen cable in the areas where FiOS is offered – the companies offering cable service try to keep up, but they do not have a chance, and the biggest problem I see is that cable systems have more ups and downs in speed than a dying seahorse).

So why is Google, in the YouTube area, worried about increasing the top resolution to above 1080p? There were very few times I could see a video from YouTube on my FiOS connection at 720p that was without glitches, because there were so many places in the chain that lag could cause them. What is the point then, of cranking resolution up to a point where any problems in the reproduction chain will be magnified, not to mention the quality of any source material?


YouTube’s adoption of Full HD (1920 x 1080) video started less than a year ago but apparently 1080p is not enough for Google’s popular sharing site as yesterday it has began to roll out support for the next best thing in terms of resolution – 4K (4096 x 3072).

Leaving aside the fact that 4K displays are practically non-existent at even remotely-reasonably prices, 4K is the the top of the tops and it’s a nice addition but few people will actually get to experience it to its fullest. It’s good for marketing at least and YouTube has so ‘sell’ so let’s just try to (enjoy) the first 4K videos uploaded – you can see them here (super-fast broadband is ‘recommended’).

Will customers find enough content on YouTube to justify the cost of the connection…or the video screen? I’m certain that the bleeding edge types will bite, but does that really justify the cost? Does Google really have that many cubic dollars to waste?




Where's Tweety? What will challenge us to watch at such elevated resolutions? It won’t be cartoons, though they do look really good that way. BTW, where’s Tweety?