The comments section of any newspaper or blog, can draw some ugly writings from those who hide behind the anonymity aspect of commenting. A small newspaper in Massachusetts has come up with the idea to charge a one time fee of .99 cents before allowing anyone to comment. Also the person commenting would be required to post their true name and their home town location. It appears that the newspaper is attempting to eliminate the trolls who just stop by and leave vulgar comments.

I have always felt that by allowing people to post comments anonymously, allows the person to express their opinion, even when that opinion may not be popular. But this is where the problem occurs. Those who disagree with the comment and may leave nasty comments with an opposing view. The most effective way to control comments is to have an approval process in place, that allows the comments to be monitored before they are posted.

So when I read that a newspaper or blog site wants to charge for leaving comments, even when the amount is small, I become suspicious of the real motives behind the decision. Is it to control the comments or to increase revenues?

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Source – ReadWriteWeb